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We offer good old fashion service at reasonable prices.  If you want a contractor that turns up on time and does a quality job without cutting corners, give us a call.  We have 20 plus years experience in the industry. We remove grass, rubbish & all do types of excavation & rock breaking.

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The Benefits of Fibreglass Pool Installations

Fibreglass pool installations can bolster your garden’s style and practicality.

We can complete fibreglass pool installations in as little as a few weeks, and we’d argue they’re a better choice than concrete for many reasons. Fibreglass pools are easy to maintain, look visually appealing and inhibit the growth of algae due to their smooth gel coat surface. Many pool owners report that fibreglass pools remain warmer than concrete alternatives. Below, we detail our broad range of services before providing top tips regarding your fibreglass pool installation.

Related Services We Provide to Fibreglass Pool Installations in WA

In addition to pool removals, relocations and installations, we offer:


  • Concrete removal: Do you want to replace your concrete flags with a lawn to brighten up your yard? If so, you need to think about how to dispose of the concrete. We can take your old concrete off your hands and recycle it provided it’s free of contaminants. Recycled concrete is perfect for creating base layers for asphalt basements, dry aggregates, brand-new concrete and more.

  • Excavation work: Keeping your home’s foundations in top condition is crucial for the sake of your property’s structural integrity, which means they require maintenance from time to time. Often, the only way to access your foundations is to excavate the ground around it. Fortunately, we’ve been performing excavation work for domestic and commercial clients for over two decades, meaning you can trust us to handle any task with the utmost professionalism.

  • Bobcat hire: We have bobcats and machinery in various sizes, ensuring we have a suitable vehicle for any job. We also work with highly skilled and insured operators who won’t cause any damage to your property, and we can access tight spaces, ensuring no job is beyond our capabilities. 

Tips Regarding Fibreglass Pools

By installing a pool in your backyard, you can make the most of the fantastic weather in Western Australia, exercise at your leisure and relax in a private outdoor utopia. Nevertheless, you need to remember the following pointers before the installation commences:

  • Don’t forget about safety: Regarding your new fibreglass pool, safety must be your primary concern. If you have small children who enjoy running around the garden, consider installing safety fencing, gates and ladders. Also, you might want to opt for a shallow pool so that you needn’t worry about accidents.

  • Keep your garden’s dimensions in mind: Do you want your pool to occupy most of your garden’s space? Or, would you still like to a lawn, patio area and jungle gym for the kids? Call our contractors if you need advice. We’ll gladly help you design a pool that meets your requirements.

  • Plan for maintenance costs: While we can almost guarantee you’ll love your pool, it’s essential to remember the installation is just one of the fees. You’ll need to pay to keep the water free of algae and bacteria. Additionally, you might need to pay for occasional repairs as well as heating during the colder months.

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