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We offer good old fashion service at reasonable prices.  If you want a contractor that turns up on time and does a quality job without cutting corners, give us a call.  We have 20 plus years experience in the industry. We remove grass, rubbish & all do types of excavation & rock breaking.

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Mini Excavators

Hire Mini Excavators for Your Next Garden Project

Do you have a garden project that demands mini excavators and people who are experienced at operating them? If so, look no further than Quinns Beach Contracting. We frequently help owners turn their properties into beautiful outdoor living spaces. Whether you are thinking of building a swimming pool, adding a patio, spicing up your landscaping or otherwise reimagining your property, we want to be on your team.

Problems Quinns Beach Contracting Addresses 

Arranging a mini Bobcat hire for a project can be a hassle if you don’t work with the right company. Here are a few excavator hire problems that Quinns Beach Contracting is here to help you solve:

  • Difficulty finding the right excavator size: We have an extensive fleet of Bobcats and excavators. We can help you choose a piece of equipment that is appropriately sized to suit your project.

  • Executing limited-access excavation work: Do you have a yard that is difficult to access? We have excavators that are as narrow as 740mm, enabling us to get through small gate openings or access otherwise difficult-to-reach spots.

  • Only ‘dry hire’ equipment available: In equipment rentals, a ‘dry hire’ is when you rent the equipment only, while a ‘wet hire’ is when you hire both the equipment and the professionals who are qualified to operate it. Dry hires are easier to find, but if you don’t feel comfortable handling your excavation work on a DIY basis, then this option isn’t ideal. A mini excavator hire through us includes a qualified and experienced operator to help you with your project.


We want to make sure our customers have the most pleasant and seamless experience possible. Helping you avoid these common mistakes and pitfalls is just the start of our commitment to the ideal customer experience.

What Sets Quinns Beach Contracting Apart Regarding Mini Excavators

As you plan your excavator mini hire, you might wonder what particular selling points set Quinns Beach Contracting apart on this front. Here are a few factors that make us an ideal source for excavation equipment for most residential projects:

  • Our experience: We aren’t new to this industry. On the contrary, we first got our start 20 years ago. Today, we are still operating in much the same way as we did then: as a family-owned and operated business with a firm dedication to our customers.

  • Our knowledge of swimming pools: If you are looking for a mini digger hire for a swimming pool project; we are the ideal team for the job. While we have taken on all manner of excavation and construction jobs, we are especially adept at installing, removing or relocating swimming pools.

  • Our superb customer service: If your goal is to hire a contractor that turns up on time and gets the job done on schedule and within your budget, look no further than us.

Why Customers Should Use Quinns Beach Consulting

Perth summers are remarkably gorgeous. Giving yourself a backyard oasis where you want to spend those lazy, sunny mornings or afternoons will improve your enjoyment of your home tenfold. We can help by providing the mini excavators and contractors necessary to see your project through to completion. Contact us today to get started. 

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