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We offer good old fashion service at reasonable prices.  If you want a contractor that turns up on time and does a quality job without cutting corners, give us a call.  We have 20 plus years experience in the industry. We remove grass, rubbish & all do types of excavation & rock breaking.

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Do your Pool Excavations in Perth through Quinns Beach Contracting

Pool excavations in Perth don’t have to be a headache.

As you know excavations can be an extensive and expensive process. Extreme care must be taken to identify and avoid water and gas pipes, involving machinery and rubble removal, and requires experienced professionals to complete the task as fast as possible. 

Common mistakes people make with Excavator Hire In Perth

Often a homeowner is so eager an anxious to get the job done, that they don’t always do their homework and find a reputable and reliable contractor with years of experience. These are some of the crucial points to remember:

  • Know the size and access to the area: With mini excavator hire in Perth, we focus on small and awkward spaces with our assortment of different sized Bobcats, some as narrow as 740 mm, to fit into the smallest space. We supply Bobcat hire within 50 km of 6077, and mini bobcat excavator hire within 50 km of 6077. 

  • Not knowing what to do: Our experienced contractors can give you some great ideas to transform your yard and help you put them into action with a timeline and contract to protect you, the client.

  • Not knowing the legalities and technicalities of the process: The excavation process requires a call to the local authorities, and you need to put some thought into where to dump the rubble at regulated sites safely. We will take care of all of this as well as ensure that the contract set up with yourself, covers repairs which sometimes occur. 

What you can expect from Quinns Beach Contracting re Excavator Hire in Perth


  • What sets us apart is that we are a family run business consisting of a team of fast and reliable contractors dedicated to providing excellent service, quality workmanship and competitive prices.

  • Our reputation and quality service have allowed us to gain hundreds of loyal and grateful clients.

  • We have been excavating in the northern suburbs of Perth and surrounds, including the outlying areas of Western Australia, for over 20 years. 

  • If you want to transform your backyard to an oasis, but need quality and fast, reliable service, we can assist at a moment’s notice, and our professionals will always turn up on time and finish promptly.

  • In this process, large, as well as mini machinery is needed, and that is where we come in for your Pool Excavation in Perth. 

  • Our services include Pencil compaction, concrete removal, pool excavation and installation, Bobcat and excavator work, limited access excavation, grass and yard clean-up, and mini excavator hire. Last but not least you can always expect friendly and professional service and after-sales care.

With our experienced contractors, the process is seamless and simple, and we take care of all the grass removal, excavation and rock breaking and remove all the rubbish and rubble. 

Why Quinns Beach Contracting is Cost Effective


  • With years of experience, we have handled almost any situation and challenge, and know how to deal with it at the lowest cost to you.

  • So, if you are looking for a contractor with years of experience and a distinguished reputation that turns up on time and does your job within budget, we are your solution. 

  • Every project is completed to the highest standards, with great care and consideration for your property and safety. 

We can visit any location in the area, whether it’s the outer suburbs or the CBD. You can book an appointment by sending us an enquiry, and we’ll be in touch promptly.

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